Friday, March 14, 2014

India Deserves Better !


Hope you must be doing great :-)

I'm writing this mail to you with a specific purpose to draw your attention towards upcoming Loksabha elections 2014.

Today our nation is at the cross roads. We are possibly going through the worst economic and leadership crisis in independent India.

This is the time for every one of us to come together for the sake of the India.

I'm supporting BJP's Narendra Modi as PM candidate in upcoming election because of his proven track record of Development & Good governance. And here requesting you as well to extend whatever support you can do from your side.

WHAT You Can:

1. You can write mails like 'this' to your friends / posts on social media to support Narendra Modi.
2. You can also contribute for #Modi4PMFund at to support him.
3. Set 'Modi Aane Wala Hai' Call Tune by dialing 509090 (Airtel/Vodafone)
4. Give missed call at 07820078200 to volunteer.

Thanks & Regards
Navrang :-)